Save the date

Relatable Material marks the debut of Robyn Reynolds (UK) and Chris Nguyen, a couple of comedians… who are also a couple! Premiering this September at Sydney Fringe, don’t miss this ludicrously funny hour of comedy, music and storytelling.

Reynolds says,

“I am a British, Jewish comedian based in Sydney, and my partner is a Vietnamese Australian comedian.Fed up with the lack of diversity on the line-ups, and the same sexist jokes again and again, we decided to write our own show playing off the stereotyping we’ve faced.”

Between his deadpan satire and her bubbly anecdotes, Chris and Robyn prove that opposites attract. Drawn to each other immediately, they couldn’t help but notice that neither of them were straight, white men. The pair rip apart the stereotyping they experienced to create hilarious riffs, for example Robyn is a “secret Jew” until she turns to the side and shows off her nose… Set against a backdrop of frustration and sardonic undertones, you’ll find yourself lured into the world of stand-up, as experienced by two rising comics.

Don’t be fooled by their easy on-stage chemistry, they’ve been doing the hard-graft for this show, and you won’t be disappointed. Set apart from the rest, Chris and Robyn are ones to watch. And you could watch them this September, from only $16.00.

Tickets on sale now at September @ Erskineville Town Hall. Use code: CHEEKYto get an extra $4 off tickets!