Amoretti’s returns!

biz-awards-logoTwo restaurants, two business awards and all in just over two years in the business; restaurant owner Gabriele Moretti clearly has the talent to run a successful and well-loved business. Here he chats to Ciao about how he does it…

How does it feel to be a finalist again after winning last year?
Being a finalist in the Inner West Business Awards for the second year in a row feels amazing. It’s a sort of reassurance that all the hard work, time and dedication that goes into running this restaurant is being recognised and that I must be doing something right.

Considering that your new restaurant won in Abbotsbury in the Fairfield City Business Awards, are you optimistic about your chances in the Inner West?
To me, winning the Fairfield City Business Award was a sort of recognition and reassurance in the sense that all the time and effort that goes into creating Amoretti’s has been noticed by our customers, that we must be doing something right. I’m confident that the hard work that goes into making Amoretti’s Chiswick what it is today will be enough to take out this award too.

Clearly your businesses are very popular. What makes them stand out?
Unlike other restaurants, we don’t merely deliver good service or good food. Instead, we strive to provide our patrons with the ultimate dining experience. The combination of friendly staff, great service, good food, attention to detail and making our customers part of the family is what makes Amoretti’s stand out.

How do you manage splitting your focus between your two restaurants?
In order to manage two restaurants effectively, I had to ensure that a solid foundation was set at Chiswick before I could start working on Abbotsbury.
The hard work and dedication of my staff and younger brother Riccardo, who has taken over the ropes and is doing a fine job in maintaining the right level of consistency, is integral. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s also very rewarding.

What is your favourite dish from your menu?
My Come Viene platter. Translated as ‘How It Comes’, a term which I used over my chef career with customers. It’s a selection of different foods all combined with creativity.

Do you have a message for your customers and staff who have continued to show you such support?
Firstly, I would like to thank my brother Riccardo and all my staff for being as driven, hard working and focused as they are. I would also like to thank all our loyal customers for their ongoing support.
Seeing customers walk out pleased with their dining experience is not only satisfying, it also makes us strive to maintain and improve on our level of customer service.

Amoretti’s Resturant: 6/2 Bechert Rd, Chiswick. T. 9712 5707.

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