Annandale Concert

The Juliet Letters

The Juliet letters is a concert series. It’s a song cycle for voice and string quartet written by Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet. The series is being delivered by internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano, multiple Helpmann award and Green Room award winner, principal artist with Opera Australia and cabaret superstar, Jacqueline Dark, together with the Phoenix Collective Quartet.

“So there was this professor in Verona who answered letters addressed to Juliet [Capulet]….

Well, if that sounds like the start of a tall story I suppose it is… Quite how he came by these letters in the first place remains unclear. We can only make a guess as to their content. After all, these people were writing to an imaginary woman, and a dead imaginary woman at that. Perhaps they were simply scholarly enquiries, or letters of sympathy from others disappointed in love, or even a plea from somebody forced into an unhappy arranged marriage. Whatever was contained in those letters and their replies, the idea of this correspondence provided our initial inspiration.” – Elvis Costello

The concert is on 27th November 2:30pm at the Hunter Baillie, Annandale. For more info click here.