Ask Sal: Choosing the perfect faucet

A wall mount bathtub faucet has become a highly preferred bathroom accessory. It not only looks stylish but saves bathroom space and is perfect for freestanding and above-the-counter basins, which require a long spout for expanded reach.

Installation: A wall mount bathtub faucet is efficiently designed and easy to install. It requires a separate wall mount valve and drain for installation. Based on the user’s watering or cleaning needs, wall mounted bath faucets let water out in a low, as well as high intensity. Since these are directly attached to the wall, they help in eliminating the chance of debris and grime to accumulate at the base of the tap handles or faucets.

Cleaning: A wall mount bathtub faucet is extremely stylish and have been designed for convenience, meaning they are easy to maintain and clean, and also help in keeping the bathroom organised, while adding style and elegance to it.

Styles: These days, wall mounted faucets are available in wide range of styles and designs, ranging from traditional to ultra modern, which gives homeowners the option to choose the one that perfectly suits their preferences and the décor. The commonly used wall mount bathtub faucet is the one made of sturdy brass and coated with premium quality chrome finishing that resists tarnishing.

Buying wisely: There are a large number of online and offline sources that offer high quality wall mounted bathtub faucets. When choosing a faucet, three factors must be taken into consideration: functionality, appearance and size. Finding the right one requires thorough research on the various options and providers available; users must ensure to compare the price offered by different providers. They must also ensure to take the measurements of the area into consideration when making their choice.

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