Bay Bitch 256

I am feeling like I’m setting a reasonable pace on the bay – quite impressed with myself actually. A fellow bay walker-jogger-runner-sprinter comes by, looking strikingly familiar, and passes me from the opposite direction. I remember her fluoro runners teamed with the tight lycra singlet top and the branded towelling headband that passed me less than 15 minutes before! I register, “That’s weird must be another manic sportster wearing the same gear! Perhaps, an identical twin?” I try to push her out of my mind; as it’s a bit unnerving. However I can’t stop myself creating scenarios of how she has managed to pass me twice in the time it’s taken me to complete less than half of the run.

Has she been planted, just to reinforce how pathetic I really am or is she actually cheating and hitching a ride… Maybe she has an electric bike hidden somewhere in the mangroves? Can’t understand how she keeps reappearing. It could be Lorna Jane herself. Just as my mind settles down to thinking about which flavour of gelato I will devour after my well-deserved cappuccino, she passes me again. This is too bizarre – this is the third time she’s passed me in less than an hour. Physically impossible! An apparition? Am I hallucinating from nicotine withdrawal? Or has last night’s pinot gris got the better of me?

I know this reappearing recurring yet dubious sighting is associated with another loch of water in colder climes, on the other side of the world. Hopefully, this puzzle will be sorted out quicker than that one. The Bay is truly a mysterious place!