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biz-awards-logoCaring 4 Kids Broadway is part of a group of five centres located across Concord, Five Dock, Leichhardt, Toongabbie and Broadway. The group has been operating since 2006 and Broadway is nominated for their first Local Business Award…

How does it feel to be a finalist in the 2014 business awards? 
This is the first year we have entered into the Local Business Awards. The centre staff and families are very excited for us to be part of the awards and for all our efforts to be recognised. The staff are excited to be attending the awards night. We would like to thank all the families and supporters who took the time to nominate us this year, we really appreciate it.

Can you tell us a bit about the services you offer at Caring 4 Kids?
We’re a long day care centre which caters for 53 children a day, aged between 6 weeks and 6 years of age. The centre is attached to Broadway Shopping Centre and operates 50 weeks a year. Caring 4 kids took over the centre in 2009 and have been operating a high quality service ever since. We went through accreditation/assessment and rating in May 2011, gaining a high quality rating and are due to go through the next audit in July 2014.
We offer a high quality educational program (available for parents to access online), ensuring all children develop to their full potential and also implement a school readiness program, which develops knowledge and skills to assist the children with their transition into school. The centre also works closely with NSW Health to implement the ‘Munch and Move’ program, promoting physical activity daily and healthy eating and lifestyles. Our cook provides healthy meals for the children each day, we also provide all nappies, kids hair cutting service and a calendar of events such as reptile visits, 10-day duck visits, Mother’s Day morning tea and much more.

What sets you apart from other childcares?
Our staff; they’ve been with us for four years and are all so passionate about making a difference in children’s lives by providing the best possible care and education. The centre also works closely with the local women’s refuge to assist children and families at risk, as well as collaborates with SDN children’s services and speech therapists to assist children who have additional needs such as autism or learning difficulties. We often receive feedback about how well our kids do once they reach primary school, and how advanced they are. Aside from all this, we too work closely with the the local Aboriginal community and occasionally run workshops on child protection, immunisation, kids and traffic, and speech therapy to help educate staff from other centres, families from our centre and members of the local community.

Can you sum up your philosophy when it comes to childcare?
Our mission is to provide a safe and happy home-like environment for children. We aim to create a place that satisfies all expectations, where children can be empowered and respected as individuals so they feel secure to explore and be themselves. We work as a supportive team but also in partnership with families to create programs and sustainable environments that will teach children to become environmentally responsible, and enhance learning and development.

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