The big O

July 22, 2016

Cat O Dowd explains how a little help can go a long way for women struggling to achieve orgasm. Suzy* had never orgasmed with her boyfriend. She came to see me after her doctor recommended […]

By any other name…

April 29, 2016

Can we reclaim the C word? It’s considered the most offensive word in the English language… but, as Cat O’Dowd discovers, it’s so much more! C**t was a cheeky old Anglo Saxon word used to […]

Long life loving

April 1, 2016

“No one has sex over 35! Everyone knows that!” An elderly gentleman told me recently. I blinked and looked to see if he was joking but he wasn’t! No one else in the room laughed, […]

The other “C” word

March 17, 2016

The clitoris is the only human organ whose sole function is sexual pleasure. Most people think the clitoris is just a small “knob” at the top of the lips under the hood. This “glans” has […]

Spicy: Your thoughts on Tinder

February 5, 2016

Tinder – the best thing since sliced bread OR Cyber scourge of true romance? “I think it’s a bit of fun, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously or expect anything real to come from […]

Self Love

February 5, 2016

Celebrate love on Valentines Day by loving yourself! Being single on Valentine’s Day is no reason to miss out on sensuality and love! Humans are sexual beings and pleasure is our birthright. Pleasuring your body […]

An honest bang

December 14, 2015

Enough of the nausea inducing articles entitled; “Surviving New Years Single!” They’re enough to make anyone a nervous wreck. If you are single, enjoy and relish it! Think of all the people you know in […]

Disabling stereotypes

November 6, 2015

One in five people have a disability in Australia. Different prejudices exist around people who have a physical disability, are chronically ill, have an intellectual disability or mental illness. Cat O’Dowd busts some false stereotypes […]

Shame game

October 9, 2015

Miranda Devine shamed and stigmatised women survivors of domestic violence in her last article titled ‘Demonising men won’t stop domestic violence’. There’s already enough blame heaped on victims by our society and by the perpetrators […]

Sexual sins

September 12, 2015

Cat O Dowd goes through the most common mistakes people make when making love and how to avoid them. Follow this guide to be on your way to coital paradise. Same old routine Get in […]

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