Movies – 280

April 15, 2016
Mia Madre Nanni Moretti, the acclaimed Palme d’Or winning Italian director again sensitively maps out the heartbreak involved in personal tragedy, but this time with some welcome light touches and some cracking good jokes. Mia […]

Movies – 279

March 31, 2016
2016 Spanish Film Festival If you’re on a good thing, do it again! Last year the always wildly popular Spanish Film Festival opened with Spain’s biggest ever box office hit, A Spanish Affair, and quick […]

Movies – 278

March 18, 2016
Rams Judging by Grímur Hákonarson’s eccentric dark comedy, Icelandic people have an even closer relationship with their sheep than Kiwis – even physically resembling them. Gummi (Sigurdur Sigurjonsson) and Kiddi (Theodor Juliusson) are two brothers, […]

Movies – 277

March 4, 2016
A Bigger Splash Every now and then something wild and original blasts onto our screens and blows everything else away. Few of the superlatives you’ll read about Luca Guadagnino’s (I Am Love) devilishly clever psychodrama […]

Movies – 276

February 19, 2016
French Film Festival 2016 Outside of the Sydney Film Festival, the Alliance Française French Festival is now the biggest and most popular celebration of international cinema in Australia. It’s back at Norton Street (and elsewhere) […]

Movies – 275

February 5, 2016
45 Years In what is undoubtedly the best film about  “domestic bliss” since Bergman’s Scenes From A Marriage, Andrew Haigh slowly dissects, roasts and finally skewers the whole notion. Kate (Charlotte Rambling) and Geoff (Tom […]

Movies – 274

January 28, 2016
Looking For Grace The huge commercial success of The Dressmaker shows Australian audiences have not lost their taste for unusual stories that defy genre. Sue Brooks’ (Japanese Story) fits squarely into that vein, though there […]

Movies 256

April 27, 2015
2015 Spanish Film Festival The 18th Spanish Film Festival opened last week with Spain’s biggest box office hit of the year, Spanish Affair. It was a predictably bright and breezy choice – poking mischievous fun […]

Movies 255

April 13, 2015
X+Y Yep, some might think a drama about a maths competition (that’s right – maths) is just about as appealing as sitting the HSC-Extension 1 exam. And featuring an awkward teenage boy with mid level […]

Movies 254

March 25, 2015
Maps To The Stars David Cronenberg’s dark Hollywood satire is getting its DVD release here around the same time as its US cinema run. Maybe no one wanted to scare Academy voters from giving Julianne […]
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