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March 12, 2015
Infinitely Polar Bear There’s a deeply troubling early scene in Maya Forbes’ drama about a dad with bi-polar disorder. Cam (Mark Ruffalo) is screaming, out of control, half naked while his wife (Zoe Salanda) is […]

Movies 252

March 2, 2015
French Film Festival 2015 One of Sydney’s biggest and most popular international Film Festivals is returning to Norton Street (and elsewhere) from March 3 -22. This year, (its 26th), revered film critics Margaret Pomeranz and […]

Movies – 251

February 6, 2015
Rosewater Ok, so after Charlie Hedbo we know that the subjects of journalistic satire don’t always get the joke. In his debut as a writer/director, US comedian Jon Stewart dramatizes one such case. On his […]

Movies – 250

January 24, 2015
Still Alice  The heartbreaking reality of Alzheimer’s is not the stuff of Hollywood – and a movie about that cruellest of all diseases wouldn’t normally attract a star at the peak of her powers. But […]

Movies – 249

December 19, 2014
Our 5-star holiday movies Paddington Can a computer generated bear change Australia’s collective mind about boat people? Paddington stows away, arrives as an illegal migrant and then melts our hearts. You have to accept Nicole […]

Movies – 248

December 5, 2014
Human Capital The best and most significant Italian movie of the year, and it’s not screening at Norton St? Yep, (sigh) – says it all about the decline of Leichhardt as “Little Italy.” Paulo Virizi’s […]

Movies – 247

November 20, 2014
Folies Bergére Hard as it is to imagine, Isabelle Huppert is a farmer in this quintessentially European romantic comedy from writer/director Marc Fitoussi. She plays fiftysomething Brigitte, long married to Xavier (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) and the […]

Movies – 246

November 7, 2014
Two Days, One Night After the disappointment of The Immigrant, Marion Cotillard redeems herself totally in the Dardennes Brothers’ searingly realist drama. Unusually for our predictable art-house fare, this one is set in working class […]

Movies – 244

October 10, 2014
Hector and The Search For Happiness It’s been a while since anyone thought that travel to far-away places allowed you to “find yourself.” Yet that’s just what bored London shrink Hector (Simon Pegg) sets out […]

Movies – 243

September 26, 2014
Italian Film Festival 2014 Anyone who has sat through a recent Australian rom-com and left feeling underwhelmed or even annoyed (The Little Death), really should give one of the Laughing, Italian Style selections from this […]
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