Community Rant: A promise well kept

March 31, 2014
If you’re cynical about politicians keeping their promises, this is a story that will restore your faith in democracy. On Saturday 22nd March I was privileged to attend the rededication of Lambert Park, Leichhardt. Discreetly […]

Rant: What is an anarchist bookfair?

March 17, 2014
What’s this nonsense I hear about an anarchist bookfair? Aren’t there more important matters than anarchists and their bloody books? Abbott and his cronies are now making decisions on behalf of millions; with cuts in […]

Rant: Parking pains

February 28, 2014
Just when you thought finding a parking spot couldn’t get any worse… The world’s population is growing, endlessly so, and with it cities are growing too. As Sydney expands the suburbs that surround it, such […]

Rant: Why must everyone else’s good time be ruined?

February 17, 2014
With the new ‘king-hit’ assault laws and mandatory minimum sentencing having just come into effect, many Sydneysiders are awaiting the new lockout and last drinks laws with anger and dread. Meanwhile, others are simply asking: […]

Rant: Leichhardt council living within its means?

February 4, 2014
Will Leichhardt Council live within its means? Only time will tell but Liberal Councillor, John Jobling, is sceptical… At a November meeting Leichardt Council unanimously resolved that “it would not support any Special Rate Variation” […]

Rant: Shoot the trolleys

December 16, 2013
In a world riven with war, hunger and general strife, Sydney’s biggest problem is out of control stray shopping trolleys… We have a pretty simple problem here; shoppers are too lazy to return their trolleys […]

Rant: Shoeless and clueless

December 2, 2013
There are people in this world who would just about give their right foot for a decent pair of shoes. Those poor barefoot souls (get it?) have to traverse tundra, desert, savannah, steppe or war-torn […]

Rant: Bring Back the Hat!

November 4, 2013
What will you be wearing this Melbourne Cup day? Local milliner Wendi Nutt hopes it’s not an unfascinating fascinator… Sadly there is a huge generational change in dressing for weddings, the races and Melbourne Cup. […]

Rant: Anything but fantastic

October 21, 2013
I have not seen a minute of the Harry Potter films, know Twilight only as daylight’s capitulation, have zero interest in any of the seven(teen?) Lord of the Rings epics and have no idea what […]
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