Latte Leftie – 220

October 6, 2013
Latte Leftie rejoices in the ALP embracing quotas in order to make sure only the right sort of people get preselected.   Dear LL – While I’m sure your sympathies lie with local hero Albo […]

Righteous Rightie – 218

September 6, 2013
Righteous Rightie gives the newly elected PM some sensible suggestions on how to get rid of the $100 billion Bowen black hole.        Dear RR – Hypothetically speaking, if you were an incoming PM elected […]

Latte Leftie – 216

August 14, 2013
Dear LL – As a leftist I’m terrified that the ALP might fall over the line come September 7. The past six years have been a nightmare for progressives and the prospect of a further […]

Latte Leftie – 215

July 26, 2013
Dear LL – While screaming, “Iranian-Sri Lankan fusion cuisine, yes; Lord of the Flies resettlement policies, no; westie-pleasing boatpeople policy has got to go!” and “Shame, Mr Rudd, shame; a true statesman never chases after […]

Righteous Rightie – 214

July 12, 2013
Dear LL – Are you as delighted as I am to see Bob Carr outflanking the conservatives on the right, just like in the good old days of his glorious premiership? It seems that with […]

Latte Leftie – 212

June 14, 2013
Can any quarter be given in the fight against casual racism in the Inner West? Latte Leftie has a surprising answer. Dear LL – I was recently out shopping with Antonella, a gal pal of […]

Latte Leftie – 211

June 2, 2013
Latte Leftie ponders why he’s still appearing in this noble but minor publication rather than The Guardian. Dear LL: Following The Guardian’s recent stealth launch I was overjoyed that Ciao was no longer standing alone […]

Latte Leftie – 210

May 19, 2013
Tony Abbott’s embrace of a lavishly funded maternity leave poses a devilish conundrum for progressive Inner West womyn. Dear LL : I’m at a loss as to what’s to say when the issue of maternity […]

Latte Leftie 209

May 5, 2013
Now the fat times are over, it’s time for this mollycoddled nation to gulp down a large port glass of harden the freak up then make the tough calls. Dear RR – I was wondering […]
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