inner west whispers — 313

February 24, 2018
BAY RUN After reports of three women being indecently assaulted on the Bay Run, police believe there is a serial offender targeting women. They have been told the man is in his 20’s, with prominent […]


November 14, 2017
Could Norton Street soon be closed to cars? Joseph Carozzi, president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia, has called for cars to be removed from Norton Street in order to return […]

It’s not ok to spray no

October 16, 2017
We’ve heard that a wave of anti same-sex marriage graffiti in the Inner West has been reported to the police. Opponents of change have sprayed the word “No” across an Enmore mural (the ‘monkey’ one […]


September 20, 2017
Council results roll in While the Greens vote did quite well throughout the metro area, rising in most councils, the party performed relatively poorly in Inner West Council elections. There was a huge swing against […]

Inner West Whispers — 307

August 23, 2017
Bye God! The Inner West is looking like a non-religious bunch, with statistics from the state government showing that most Inner West families are not religious. Taking the cake for least religious school in the […]

Inner West Whispers – 306

August 8, 2017
• Is craft beer in our future? The Labor candidate for mayor of the Inner West has announced a comprehensive plan to make the Inner West the national capital of craft brewing. Launching the Craft […]


June 26, 2017
We’re hearing rumours that About Life’s flagship store in Rozelle may be going into receivership. Now a Sydney and Melbourne chain health-food store, About Life started as a small juice bar and cafe in Rozelle […]

Inner West Whispers – 304

May 30, 2017
Love camping? We hear that at just $130 a week, a tent in Sydenham has been advertised for rent on Facebook’s Inner West Sydney Housemates group. Now you camp every single day and pay exorbitant […]

Inner West Whispers – 303

April 28, 2017
Council crackdown on DV – Ashfield’s piles of poo • Ashfield is allegedly experiencing a “poo pandemic”, and no, we are not referring to the antics of toddlers here but of apparently fully grown adults. […]

Inner West Whispers – 301

March 3, 2017
A dingo ate my Egg – A dusty bottleneck? – Not fine • The fate of Egg the pug who was purportedly stolen at knife-point in Sydney Olympic Park became horrifically clear this week, as […]
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