Gigs guide – 228

Thursday 6th March
Meg Mac (pictured above)

This Sydney girl has been playing on Triple J for a while now and I say she deserves it. Still a little too poppy for me but she can sing and I like this trend for a fusion of bluesy and jazzy sounds into pop music. I think her style would really suit the Vanguard too.

The Vanguard, $13.80


Friday 7th March

Now here is old school. They are calling this their Trilogy Concert tour, referring to the three periods of this band’s life, starting in 1973, which must seem kind of depressing to them. Literally 40 years in the business, ooft. Got to say though, I really like their song ‘Rain’.

The Bridge Hotel, $35


Saturday 8th March

Everlast is a bit of a strange musician. He’s a former rapper and was a part of House of Pain (known for the song Jump Around) but then his solo work is all acoustic guitar and melody but still with a hip-hop influence. He’s also trying to do some Beck-style genre melding but doesn’t pull it off as well.

The Factory Theatre, $44


Words: Max Kobras

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