Gigs Guide – 233

Friday 16th May
Mustered Courage (pictured above)

Old-school bluegrass fused with modern roots style music, pretty much makes the soft rock of Powderfinger. It isn’t really anything that special in my opinion, but I like it and in the end it sounds good so that’s what matters. Give them a listen.

The Vanguard, $15


 Friday 16th May
Gang of Youths

Sounds a bit like The Killers, at least their first album. The singer especially reminds me of them. Either way, it’s alright music, not too thrilling for a gig I’d expect but if you want a chill night this is a good choice. Supported by MT Warning.

Newtown Social Club, $12



Thursday 22nd May
She Rex + Lepers and Crooks

She Rex is weird. Sometimes they play really awesome rock tracks, then get a bit bluesy and sludgey, and then its all hardcore. No matter what, the singer is rapping with her Aussie accent on full show. Leper and Crooks is very mildly psychedelic rock, pretty generic though.

The Roller Den, $13.80


Words: Max Kobras

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