Gigs guide – 237

Saturday 12th July 
Something for Kate

Goddamn, Something for Kate has been around for as long as I have been alive. I remember when they were on the radio every second song as I was driven to primary school. Not a band I’m into now but I still like the nostalgia.

• Enmore Theatre, $72.10


Friday 18th July
The Crooked Fiddle Band + Captain Kickarse & the Awesomes

This first band is all folk and gypsy but the overall sound is very post-rock (do you call that post-gypsy folk?). Regardless, they are a really fun band and will definitely put on a show worth seeing. The second band on this line-up fortunately live up to the standard set by their name. They are very post-rock and their songs sound almost like really long jams in the best possible way. Some of their sound is a bit Queens of the Stone Age, who they claim as an influence, but I would liken it more to big post-rock names like Mono or Mogwai. I think this gig will be bloody awesome.

• The Red Rattler, $15

• Words: Max Kobras

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