Gigs guide – 247

Monday 24th November 
The Smith Street Band

Look, Smith Street Band isn’t bad and I’d totally check out their show but it’s so powerfully Aussie, overwhelmingly so. Then again, it perfectly suits their style of pub-punk, a term I may have just invented.

The Factory Theatre, $30


Saturday 29th November 
Tales in Space

This two-piece flits very strangely between bizarre and generic, which I guess still leaves them as unique. It’s indie rock with a lot of synth and electro elements and there is plenty to like; I think it will take some time for me to properly appreciate it though.

The Annandale Hotel, FREE


Wednesday 3rd December 
Zombie Cats

They call themselves indie-pop; I’d say it’s trip-hop with a soul/jazz kind of attitude. There is a lot of similarity to Portishead in my opinion and the way the frontwoman sings is just as amazing and sexy. Very, very cool.

The Vanguard, $16.80