Gigs guide – 256

Sunday 3rd May

I like their later prog-rock stuff, it is just well crafted music and, to me, it feels like maturation on their part from their early deathmetal stuff. Frankly, I just don’t hear music in that but plenty of people still love it. Only go to this show if you like both these styles though; you’ll never know what they are going to play.

Enmore Theatre, $78.90

Thursday 7th May

This Melbourne band is so melodic. It’s really easy-listening pop rock and it’s clear that they are very comfortable keeping everything pretty simple. They pull it off well for a great lazy Sunday sound.

Newtown Social Club, $15

Saturday 9th May
Beatbox Royale 

I haven’t gone to this before but I have to imagine it would be a hell of a lot fun. If you aren’t into beatboxing it will probably be hilarious but if you are, this will be awesome. Grab a drink and sit back, just stay out of the front row (or the spit range, as I call it).

Play Bar, $15