Hosting the perfect house party

If you have decided to stay home this year but still want to participate in Mardi Gras festivities, then throw a party and bring some of the love home!

First off you’ll need to decide what sort of party it will be, perhaps a dress up where each person can come dressed as a colour of the flag. Then there are all the minor details to take care of…

•  Think about hiring a large screen to bring the festival into your living room.

•  Go all out on decorations – there are plenty available including rainbow banners and bunting for balconies, patios and anywhere else you can think to decorate to get your property in theme.  You could also light up your space with coloured festoon lanterns and lighting. Look for rigging points in your home such as the top of doorways to hide tacks or pins for hanging. Do not attach in places that can be dangerous or where they can be pulled such as near ceiling fans.

•  Don’t forget about the food. Try bringing the colourful décor into the kitchen with things like rainbow jelly shots and laying out food on a rainbow table cover. To keep drinks cool (and if you’re short on fridge space) there are a variety of inflatable themed coolers you could use too.

The key component of any house party is to be organised and plan ahead. List everything you’ll need from decorations, food and drink to music and guest list. If you decide to have your party outdoors, consider having a contingency plan in case of bad weather, and remember to have respect for your home; make sure any important stuff is put away should partygoers get out of hand having a good time.

Keep it simple and calculate how much time you will need to do things in preparation so that you do not get stressed. Disposable dinnerware will save
your time washing up after the party is over too. All in all the key is to have fun and enjoy the night with friends! Happy Mardi Gras 2014!

Words: Dean Salakas, Chief Party Dude at The Party People,

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