Inner West shines on MasterChef

Inner West chefs Abbey Rose and Jess have put in a stellar performance on MasterChef. Despite being the youngest on the show, Abbotsford local, Abbey Rose and Stanmore local, Jess (both 28 years old) are in the running for a coveted apron in this season.

Abbey Rose  grew up in a single parent household in the Blue Mountains. She started cooking with her Mum at the age of three. Her mum taught her the basics of cooking, how to balance flavors and even challenged her by ruining perfectly good sauces as a way to teach Abbey how to fix them.
Jess is also 28, she was born in London and then when she was two moved to Sydney. She was inspired by my mother to cook. In her adult life she moved back to London for a few years where she dated a chef.
Let’s wish these dynamite chefs the best of luck!