Inner West Whispers – 222

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Conspiracy theories and celebrity sightings in Leichhardt

West Connex conspiracy theorists are going off! With the recent train timetable changes dropping essential routes between Liverpool and Redfern, commuters are being forced back onto the roads. More people on the roads further congests traffic and makes the West Connex seem like an even better idea…but would State Rail secretly conspire with the RTA? Transport departments have a reputation for quarrelling and not even the firm handshake of Jamie Parker can help Gladys pull her transport army into line. Still all over the place, transport in the Inner West seems to be going from bad to worse.

There may, however, be a glimmer of hope. RTA officials have been seen walking up and down Parramatta Rd taking photos, trying to work out what shops are empty, untenanted or derelict. Anyone owning Parramatta Rd property can start getting excited – you may soon be getting an offer you can’t refuse.

Some vandals aren’t happy with the West Connex planned route. Property values of many Inner West houses (on the Haberfield to St Peters) route will be affected. Emblazoning such slurs as “Don’t buy, West Connex being built under here” on property sign boards has put off prospective buyers (particularly from the Eastern and Northern suburbs). No one knows exactly where the route for Stage 3 will go yet and community consultation doesn’t start until late 2015. Although we all know what a joke community consultation is, so it is possible that the plans have already been drawn up.

Spotted at Festa: Manu Feildel and Pete Evans filming with My Kitchen Rules (and wearing a little too much make-up according to one onlooker), Antonio Zeccolo (owner and founder of Palace Cinemas) and a Barry O’Farrel look-a-like.

What’s going on at B&T Collision Repairs? The police have been spending quite a bit of time there lately…

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