Inner west whispers – 227

Nudie runs in Newtown, a well known local moves out and election talk

Is being naked in Newtown the latest fad for hipsters? On more than one occasion, cool-looking bearded, tattooed and fully nude young gents have been sighted streaking down King St in broad daylight much to the delight of shrieking locals. New trend or just another peculiar induction ceremony from nearby University of Sydney’s St John’s College?

Best wishes to local MP Jamie Parker who was down for the count with dengue fever. Parker had been doing good in Burma when he was struck down with the tropical disease. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Long time local Shelly Burrows (previous owner of Meshea Lifestyle and M.I.A on Norton) has put her lovely Petersham terrace on the market. Having been in the Inner West “forever” Shelly and Pete think the grass might be greener outside of the Inner West. You’ll be missed!

Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne is seeking pre-selection for Balmain. Not sure who would be dumb enough to challenge him –
as he is obviously the best (and only) man for the job. At the 2011 State Election the primary vote results in Balmain were; 1st – Liberals (32.56%), 2nd – Greens (30.72%), 3rd – Labor (30.16%). We suspect he may be standing unopposed. NSW Labor Leader John Robertson has announced the pre-selection will have community input. Byrne says,“In this campaign Labor’s candidate will be chosen in the back streets of Balmain instead of the back rooms of Sussex Street”. The rules of the ballot have not been confirmed yet but will likely be based on a 50/50 model in which the total vote of Labor Party members and the total votes of community members will be given equal weighting.

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