Inner West Whispers – 246

Council superpowers, Haberfield snoots and bikes in high rotation

• Leichhardt Council is fighting a decision by the Local Gaovernment Superannuation board to invest in uranium mining and nuclear energy – which raises questions as to what other local government are doing to oppose this contentious move. As all DC Comics fans would know, nuclear power and “super” powers have a long and involved history… Ciao would love to see Leichhardt take a heroic stance in this bureaucratic brawl.

• Haberfield’s Primavera went off last week – when it has been a little bit of an afterthought in previous years. Rumours say it’s because council rules around the Festa have been relaxed this year, allowing businesses to participate who aren’t Haberfield born and bred. This year, biscuit makers Casa Di Miele had a stall when they have been denied access to earlier festas, no doubt to the ire of the Inner West’s pasticceria patriarch Pappa’s.

• Ciao’s underworld informants have let us know that the Inner West’s burgled bike business is booming. Forget the kick of high-grade speed, 21-speeds and a kickstand is the real thrill of young hooligans these days. Be cautious and keep your fixie under lock and key, even in your backyard. Ladies bikes go for much less on Gumtree so you won’t have to lock your wife’s up. I’ll say no more, lest I find a bloody pannier nailed to my door tomorrow morning.

• Apparently this week residents in St Peters have been told to not go ahead with their renovation plans as their houses might be aquired for the $13 Billion Westconnex project. Announcements about compulsory acquisition are not expected to be made until next year.

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