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Latte Leftie rejoices in the ALP embracing quotas in order to make sure only the right sort of people get preselected.


Dear LL – While I’m sure your sympathies lie with local hero Albo in the latest Labor leadership tussle, do you think Shorto’s thought bubble of introducing quotas to make sure the Opposition benches are well-stocked with intersex Indigenes has merit?

Gene, Petersham  


LL replies: Do I what! One of the many regrettable features of our democratic system is that it encourages political parties to preselect whitebread candidates who are seen to embody the mouth-breathing stupidity, small-minded prejudice and sheep-like conformity of mainstream Australia.

Even worse, the ALP has long attracted the dregs of the reactionary working class rather than the cream of the inner city intelligentsia but the introduction of quotas is a chance to purge the party of Opus Dei union dinosaurs such as Joe De Bruyn and roll out the welcome mat to disabled transsexuals, mulatto refugees and perhaps even the odd urbane Muslim like that clever Waleed Aly. Given the treachery of the likes of Noel Pearson and Warren Mundine, I’m not sure any Aboriginals can now be trusted but if Nova Peris doesn’t end up a member of Tony Abbott’s cabinet, perhaps a few NT seats could be set aside for our Indigenous brothers and sisters.

Shorten’s delusional if he believes he’s going to attract any farmers, tradesmen or small business people into the Labor party but his intention to do outreach to professional women, academics and the welfare recipients is a stroke of political genius.

Given the widespread public affection for gender-war-waging feminists, Baudrillard-quoting university professors and the long-term unemployed, Labor will surely be guaranteed a landslide victory in 2016 if it ditches the heteronormative middle-aged males (Albo and Shorten excepted, of course!) and imposes diversity with an iron fisted quota system.



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