Latte Leftie – 222

Satire for the soul

In which Latte Leftie laments the nation-shaming antics of birthday-throwing, blackface-wearing bogans

Dear LL : How much damage has been done to what’s left of Australia’s reputation as a civilised nation by a 21-year-old boganette throwing an African-themed 21st birthday party then putting the pictures on Facebook for the whole world to see?
Leroy, Petersham


LL replies: Immeasurable damage, Leroy. And perhaps the most distressing aspect of blackfacegate has been the sordid truths about Australia our racially evolved American cousins have broadcast.

As a black-armband historian of long standing, I thought I knew just how appallingly racist this country is but, until I read the online sites Jezebel and Buzzfeed, I had no idea that, “When I went to Australia I was shocked at how many people wore blackface to the supermarket”, “Native American-themed weddings seem to be a thing down there too” and “The law that made it legal to hunt Aboriginals was only repealed in the ’70s”. It appears I, along with all other Inner Westies, have been residing in a multicultural Potemkin village, blind to the fact that the unlettered masses out in marginal electorates are slathering Kiwi boot polish over their faces before dropping into the corner store for some milk and invariably dressing up as Tonto and Pocahontas whenever they tie the knot.

Even more unimaginably, the fathers (probably the mothers as well) of today’s 21st birthday-throwing national embarrassments were out legally shooting Indigenous Australians in Gough Whitlam’s Australia! Is it any wonder we look down on those who live in the outer suburbs as irredeemable barbarians?

Of course, as at least one Fairfax columnist has been courageous enough to point out, Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison (John Howard wasn’t explicitly mentioned but I think we can reasonably assumed he makes up the troika) must ultimately take full responsibility for the blasé bigotry displayed by the lower orders.


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