Latte Leftie – 276

Latte Leftie weighs into the vexed question of which American presidential candidate Australian voters should support

Dear LL – It seems there’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian citizen! I can only assume from the wall-to-wall media coverage, not to mention the anguished musings among my peers about whether they should vote with their vagina for Hillary or ‘Feel the Bern’, that globalisation has resulted in Australians becoming enfranchised to participate in the American primaries and general election. Which rather raises the conundrum of what opinion a good Inner Westie should express at Leichhardt dinner parties? Do I pledge my troth to the candidate who – leaving aside the four-decades-long enablement of her husband’s rapey behaviour, shameless propensity to ride on his coattails, and enthusiasm for patriarchal warmongering – is an inspirational feminist heroine? Can I opt for the 120-year-old Communist who wants to introduce free education and healthcare? Or is he subject to BDS prohibitions given his ethnic heritage?
Marco, Mascot 

LL replies: Let’s leave aside Australians’ shameless cultural appropriation of another society’s democratic process and concentrate on the real issue here: looming class war. Once upon a time I would have been all for it, of course. But that was back when the lower orders could have been relied on to get their marching orders from the visionary progressive intelligentsia. Nowadays, we inner-city denizens must tremblingly ponder the question of how long it can be until an Antipodean Trump emerges? Given this pathetic nation’s endless aping of the reining imperial power it’s inevitable some reactionary entertainer – my money is on Ray Hadley – will get the bogans fired up. No doubt at the core of his intoxicating demagoguery will be the claim the customary deference should no longer continue to be extended to well-educated cosmopolitans. And that proletarian yobs should be unashamed of their gay marriage-opposing, multiculturalism-despising, transgender-assaulting, reality television-loving, McDonalds-eating ignorance. Winter is coming, comrades!