Latte Leftie – 277

Latte Leftie expresses some regret about trusting the word of a man who claimed to have been beaten senseless by bogans

Dear LL – I just wanted to thank you for publicising the story of Louis, the sessional academic who pulled his car to the side of the road in Newtown to get some sleep after a gruelling late night lecture on ‘Interrogating gender: The phallus in vampire fan fiction’ only to find himself attacked by six bogans. I’ve got some Labor-voting friends who while doing everything possible to avoid coming into contact with tradie and truck driver types themselves, still clung to absurdly romantic notions about the decency of the common man and accused me of boganophobia. Well, I haven’t heard any of them championing the proletariat since your story of Louis being punched, kicked and urinated on by a mob of yobs screaming abuse such as, “That’s for supporting gender-neutral school uniforms” and “This is for boring us senseless about gay marriage for half a decade” went viral on social media. I know the gutless lamestream media does everything it can to hush up bogan-on-bohemian violence. It’s reassuring that there is still one commentator courageous enough to speak truth to blue-collar power. Pauline, Burwood   
LL replies: Thank you for your kind words, Pauline. While I have no doubt the kind of attack I so vividly described can and indeed has taken place, inconsistencies in Louis’s account have emerged post-publication. I had assumed, after Googling ‘Are all members of the working class violent criminals?’ and receiving several search results in the affirmative, I could believe everything Louis told me. In retrospect, the fact he was sporting a tin foil turban, lapsing into catatonic silences and muttering about being anally probed by an alien who resembled Mark Latham should have alerted me that Louis had some mental issues. However, I put these minor eccentricities down to his treatment at the hands of bogan berserkers. Ah well, we all make mistakes. My apologies to any non-bogans I needlessly alarmed.