Local News – 251

Affordable Housing Proposals on Norton St

Future planning proposals are currently being discussed between Leichhardt Council and Uniting Care regarding three properties in Leichhardt – Annesley House on Marion St, Harold Hawkins Court on Norton St and Wesley Church on Wetherill Street.

The proposal for Harold Hawkins Court on Norton St includes affordable housing provisions, whilst proposals for Annesley House and Wesley Church aim to provide further aged care beds and student accommodation respectively.

Labor Councillor Simon Emsley says the plans will hopefully allow key workers to return to the area and contribute to Norton Street’s revitalisation.

“Everybody in Leichhardt knows of households and individuals who have been forced out of the area in recent years by high rents. Council must not pass up the unique chance offered by the Uniting Care’s proposals, developed in extensive consultations with the community, to help put things right”, Emsley said.

Uniting Care’s plans for the properties will go on public exhibition this month.

Educative empowerment

Westpac CEO Gail Kelly had the honour of opening an alternative education school in Marrickville last Friday. The Waranara Centre will provide year 9-10 students who are struggling in mainstream schooling, due to social disadvantage, trauma or mental illness, with on-site counselling, case-management and support to complete the Record of School Achievement (formerly, The School Certificate).

Funded by The Good Shepard Australia New Zealand, the school will focus on disrupting cycles of poverty for women and girls.

Worm Love for Ashfield

Ashfield Council residents are eligible to receive 50 per cent off worm farms and compost bins as of 2015.

The council is encouraging residents to start composting their food scraps this year by subsidising waste equipment.

Leichhardt, Burwood and Canada Bay Councils have similar schemes in place for residents.

  • To learn more about composting, and to claim Council reductions on bins and worms farms, visit: compostrevolution.com.au