Matthew – Hot or Not?

Matthew,18, is a professional singer and medical science student at Sydney University.

Matthew’s greatest passion in life is singing and he looks forward to performing at the Norton St Festa later this year.

The talented Cabarita local can speak and sing in Italian and hopes to travel to Italy to study ‘popera’ (popular operatic) music one day and reach a level on par with his idol, Andrea Bocelli.

Matthew is available to sing at weddings and funerals and says that while he was initially quite shy in front of an audience, he now enjoys performing so much that the nerves have disappeared.

“It’s important to do things that scare you sometimes, because that’s the only way to really succeed,” he says.

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The panel says:


He seems so nice. You don’t see many guys these days following their dream. I love singing too, so I understand how much this means to him. Really admire him! Keep it up!



What a handsome and well-dressed young man.


from Do or Dye

I think he is cute, nice smile too. I would go to the Norton St Festa just to hear him sing!



Suave dresser and talented young lad, but probably a little too young for a nanna like me.

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