Out and Abbott

Some significant coffee dates have taken place in the Inner West this week, particularly in the marginal seat of Reid, as politicians court residents’ favour, and visa versa.

Top man and Minister for Women, Tony Abbott, pulled up a chair at Wild Hearts Cafe in Five Dock last Sunday to talk with mothers and families about changes to his paid parental leave scheme.

Abbot was vague on details about changes to the scheme’s threshold, despite persistent questioning from journalists, saying that a new PPL proposal will be made after a review over the Summer break.

Tony Abbott said of the cafe gathering, “It was great to have the chance to sit down with some typical Australian families who are doing their best to juggle work and family life and child care.”

Perhaps alluding to the less than sparkling Budget Overview this week, Abbott also added,

“The beauty of both parental leave and childcare is that these aren’t just family policies, they’re economic policies…If we can get more people in the prime of life working for a wage, we will boost our economy and that will be good for everyone.”

Also this week the vigilant Knitting Nannas activists payed Balmain Mayor Jamie Parker a visit to win support for their campaign against Coal Seam Gas, while renewable energy advocacy group, Solar Citizens, met Liberal MP Craig Laundy looking for a signature to put to their Renewable Energy Targets submission – without success.