Rant: School's out, but we aren't celebrating

School children across Sydney are out on spring holidays, enjoying warm sunny days swimming at the beach or playing in the park, but it isn’t so great for the rest of us…

I’m sure many of you, much like me, have fond memories of your school holidays. Those holidays are one of the few times in your entire life when you have absolutely no commitments or concerns. You are free to spend your time hanging around with your friends or just watching TV for days on end; it didn’t matter because you were a kid on vacation. It used to be something to look forward to. I would always count the weeks left until I was on break, but nowadays I dread the school holidays. Why you ask? Because it means there will be kids absolutely everywhere!

Try to do some grocery shopping – there will be swarms of kids about and you probably won’t even be able to get into the carpark because all the parents in the area have headed to the nearest centre for those kids shows that happen during the holidays. Try to go for a  walk in the park and there will be even more there.

Hell, just open a window and you’ll be able to hear them. And you can be sure that they will be unapologetically loud, obnoxious and will ruin my good time. Not that I hate children, now blame kids or their parents for the disruption. Kids are naturally noisy and I think they should enjoy their holidays. Just don’t expect me to be happy about it.

I guess my problem is that (unless you’re a schoolteacher) when you are a working adult you have Christmas, weekends and – if you’re lucky – a day off now and again, but that’s all of your holidays. So when I get that precious day off to spend out in the sun or getting some shopping done, the last thing I want is to be sharing it with a bunch of screaming, sweaty children running all over the place. Admittedly, it makes me a little happy when all the little ones are locked up in school and the world belongs to me and all the other adults again.

So what am I supposed to do during school breaks? Of course, I could just stay at home until night descends and the kids go home. But I deserve a little sunlight too.  I could also just suck it up and deal with loud children and rude teenagers, but simply put – I’d rather not. For now, I guess I’ll just count the days until they’re called back to class and my life becomes my own again. And any parent who tells me they don’t feel the same way after a few weeks of having the kids at home day-in and day-out is lying.

Words: Max ‘The School Holidays Grinch’ Kobras.   

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