Rant: the power of sport

In a year where World Cup football unites the globe, it is a timely reminder of the power of sport.

Through the World Cup, different cultures and races are brought together to compete in what is, by and large, a very friendly but spirited campaign.

Seeing Ghana vs USA or Iran vs Bosnia reminds you how different the background of each country is but also how similar they are once they take the field. This in itself breaks down prejudices, unifying countries as people forget their differences and get behind the national team.

Some would argue that sport and politics have no place together but let’s consider some facts. Right now the US Vice President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are in Brazil supporting their teams. Meanwhile politicians from opposing parties cheer on the same teams, demonstrating that people with different beliefs can co-exist – this can only be a good thing.

We at Inter Lions SC are a club based in the Inner West that provides facilities for players of all levels and genders across Concord, Strathfield, Burwood, Homebush and surrounding suburbs. From our grassroots teams in the Canterbury Districts Association, to our youth teams competing in a NSW Regional League, to women and girls playing in the Women’s Premier League, Inter Lions SC aims to offer football opportunities to people from all walks of life because sport should be accessible to all and bring all sorts of people together.

Whilst on the surface soccer may seem like it’s only about kicking a ball around, this belies the true value the game brings to our community. In particular:

  • Making younger players push themselves beyond their comfort zone and be prepared to take risks and show leadership.
  • Creating strong independent girls and boys that have a strong mind and self-belief.
  • In an age when we are all watching too many screens, getting kids of all ages off the couch and onto the field.

This year the club was nominated as a Finalist in the Inner West Business Awards in the category of ‘Specialised Small Business’ for its achievements in administering the Women’s Premier League. Currently, the women are leading the Club Championship. This is something we are quite proud of considering there’s often not much attention paid to women in sports.

Furthermore, with the local governing bodies of football, FNSW and the FFA, going through major overhauls to help Australia reach higher standards on the world stage, educational change is coming, including the introduction of a Football Curriculum that gives coaches a uniform education of the game to better educate their players.

Football in Australia is being revolutionised and the possibility of any State League club surviving long term will be their ability to grasp and comply with this change.

With continual positive work from the Inter Lions, the momentum is and will continue to be evident.

Words: Mil de Brito (Technical Director Inter Lions) and Neal Meharg (Committee Member)

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