Ray – Hot or Not?

Ray, 26, is a sparky turned aspiring fashion designer who lives in Glebe.

He works full time at the Jack London store on King Street in Newtown, where he enjoys helping all kinds of people – even those who don’t consider themselves ‘suit people’ necessarily – find something they feel comfortable in.

Ray likes to have a balance in life between having fun and working hard, and describes himself as friendly, outgoing and tall.

He also loves the cultural melting pot that is Newtown, “I like that this is the eccentric part of Sydney. No matter how you’re feeling, you’re never the craziest person on the street,” he says.

More info at http://shop.jacklondon.com.au



The Panel Says…


Victoria from STA Travel

Nice face and looks broad, I like that in a man. He should turn that frown upside down.



Serina from Dollhouse Design

I’m a big fan of men with beanies, I don’t think he’s much of a meanie.




Definite hot potential. Looks like he has a nice body and pretty eyes but the fashion is scary. The beanie/hair combination reminds me of those joke Scottish hats.



Ms Red

What a stylish fella, now I just need an excuse to go menswear shopping. Hmm…


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