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Renato and crewRenato Mendoza Hair Studio


When first stepping into Renato Mendoza’s Hair Studio, one instantly understands the atmospheric vibe that they are trying to achieve. The salon is spacious and with the furniture, floors and decorations all being largely wooden, Renato’s studio has a very warm and natural feel to it, as well as a touch of European flair. Considering the credentials and history of its owner, this is not too surprising. Renato Mendoza has worked across the globe in renowned salons from his home country of Brazil to Milan and New York, as well as being a stylist for fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle and he has literally decades worth of experience. With his Annandale salon now entering its tenth year of business, Renato’s vision of his own, distinctive hair studio has become more than just a reality; it has become a true success.


The original idea for this salon, what makes it unique from others, was to create a studio “for people who love to look stylish but live in the real world”. It is for this reason that Renato chose Annandale as he felt that the locals here were exactly that; fashionable and real. It is hard to fault his logic as his nomination as a finalist in the Inner West Local Business Awards demonstrates the satisfaction of his clientele.


Renato Mendoza’s Hair Studio’s success can be put down to two points. First is the following of the simple and well-proven belief of the customer is always right. Renato prides himself and his staff on always trying to please their clients to the best of their abilities, whether this means a simple cut and dry or a full treatment of colouring, straightening and styling. The second is Renato’s international experience which complements the multiculturalism of Australia and the Inner West as there is very little that he is unprepared for when it comes to hair. In this way, Renato’s salon is very versatile and serves men and women of all ages, ethnicities and style.


Renato Mendoza was humbled by being a finalist, saying that the nomination is recognition enough and that “winning would just be a bonus”. He also said that he would like to send out his thanks to all his loyal customers and staff who have supported his salon and voted for him in the upcoming awards.

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