Righteous Rightie – 233

Righteous Rightie maintains his regal dignity in the face of outrageous provocation from layabout socialist students.

Dear RR – I’d just like to register my absolute disgust with those commo, trainee pseudo intellectuals who had the unmitigated gall to break into the studio when you were taping your radio program ‘Night thoughts of a clear-eyed conservative’ and start chanting, “More student places not blowhard talkback nutcases!” and “No uni fees, can we have more free housing and Austudy please!” You are the right-wing Phillip Adams of community broadcasting and to have your thoughtful commentary on the urgent need for Australians to emulate our Ayn Rand-worshipping American cousins interrupted by a pack of erstwhile private schoolboys playing at revolution made me do a little vomit in my mouth. Rest assured, the silent majority would like to see these troublemaking bludgers receive a stiff dose of national service and for you to take over the Alan Jones morning show whenever the great man decides to retire from radio in order to devote more time to assisting troubled young footballers with lithe, muscular bodies.

Roger, Lewisham.



RR replies:  Thank you for your kind words, Roger.

I may have got up to some hijinks in my own Trotskyite youth but back in those days even wild-eyed young revolutionaries showed some respect for their elders, unlike today’s moronic and entitled, ‘I’m a special snowflake’ Gen Yers. If it weren’t for the ridiculous nanny state laws that outlaw physical assault, I would have dealt with the insolent rabble-rousers much like James Packer seeing to an insufficiently deferential bestie. Unfortunately, both you and I will just have take consolation in the thought today’s young people soon won’t be able to claim the dole until their forties, retire until their eighties or buy a house until, well, ever.

So stick that in your fair-trade bong and smoke it, you ill-mannered, young buffoons!

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