Road test – Only the best for your breasts

As Ciao scours the Inner west for private breast feeding spots

Breast-feeding has been a fundamental part of our continuation as a species since… well forever. You’d think by now everyone would have come to terms with a pair of breasts, unfortunately this is not the case. New stories constantly emerge about women who have had to face rudeness when it comes to breastfeeding in public spaces. This seems particularly unfair given the scarcity of private feeding rooms available. Ciao believes women should have the freedom to breast feed wherever, but we’re all about making life easier for mums. So this mother’s day we’ve spotted the best places to feed your bubs when you’re out and about. Whether you need a five star room with a comfy chair or a hidden spot for desperate times, these feeding rooms have got you covered.

Broadway shopping centre

This shopping centre can get a little hectic at the best of times, let alone with a screaming hungry child. Luckily they have two great parent rooms. The first one is located on the ground floor right next to Bed Bath N’ Table. The facilities include two closed rooms, a chair with a curtain around it, change tables, a microwave and a sink. Inside the parents room there is a junior sized toilet as well as an adult’s toilet and a television that plays children’s television shows. The parent’s room on Level Three, right next to Priceline, has all the same facilities as well as a small play area outside.

1 Bay Street

Marketplace Leichhardt

This baby care room has everything you need to relax. It’s a clean, comfortable and convenient space where the whole family is welcome and catered for. They provide a microwave, change tables and quiet feeding areas. This place is so good the Australian Breastfeeding Association has given them a five-star rating.

100/122-138 Flood Street,

The Bank Hotel

Because let’s face it you’re not always opportunely in a large shopping centre when you need to express milk. The Bank Hotel is one of the only spots along King Street with a decent area. Located on the ground floor next to the Thai restaurant and right by a conveniently located lift is a disabled toilet with a change table. No need to stop shopping, unless you feel like having a relaxing sit in the beer garden after.

324 King St

Newtown next to Newtown station

Palace Cinemas Norton Street

When you think of baby friendly environments the cinema may not be your first point of call.  But don’t judge too quickly, Palace Cinemas has just started a weekly event that will run till the end of December called, Babes In Arms. A screening of all the new releases, specifically designed for the needs of parents. Including easy pram access, on site lifts, and a tolerance for a bit of noise (you’ll be in good company). The tickets are only $10 and discount parking is also available on site. I don’t know about you but a lightly dimmed cinema sounds like a perfect place to relax and breast feed.

99 Norton Street,


Sydney University

For when you’re studying in the library or just passing by. A parent room is located on Level Three, room 3.31 of the Wentworth Building in Sydney University. The room is private and lockable and contains a comfy enough chair, a power point, and space for nappy changing, sink with hot and cold water, a sanitary bin for dirty nappies, hand sanitizer and soap. Toilets and microwave ovens are also available in close by. If you are on the other side of the uni, near the footbridge – head to the Women’s Room on Level Three of the Manning Building.

City Road,