Roadtest: Come together

With the upcoming International Women’s Day Ciao takes a look at different inspiring women’s organisations and groups in the Inner West

The worn out assertion that “women hate each other” is perhaps one of my most hated phrases ever uttered in the English language. Obviously perpetuated by someone who’s never felt the warmth and support that a close woman friend can offer, not to mention an entire network of them (probably a man). I’d like to obliterate this myth right here right now, with examples of women’s groups across the Inner West. These groups demonstrate that women actually (shock horror!) voluntarily spend time in each other’s company, and are pretty productive when they do!

Sydney’s Uni Rowers Club 

The Sydney University Women’s Rowing Club has fostered many a champion oarswomen. Their boathouse is located on the shimmering waters of Glebe. It may not come as a surprise but  Vice Captain Olivia Ashby said the greatest challenge for Sydney Uni’s women squad is finding funding. Where the men’s team has a large number of very generous Alumni and previous successful members the women’s team struggles to find necessary support. However, their greatest reward comes from watching their own growth and success. With only eight rowers they love seeing just how much they can achieve with the small resources and numbers they have. Women’s squads also train at Leichhardt, Balmain and UTS Haberfield Rowing Clubs.

Ferry Road, Glebe

Collective Voice

Since 2010 the MLC School, has run a co-curricular group called The Collective Voice Committee. This group focusses on the portrayal of women in society, media and family and raises awareness of women’s issues in the school and wider community. Annie Starr, a former student involved in the committee, impressed the importance of this group to her schooling experience; lending her an understanding into the issues faced by women, as well as a sense of belonging and sisterly comradely.

MLC School

Rowley St, Burwood

Ph: 9747 1266

Invisible Women

This group is comprised of homeless women and children living throughout the Inner West, who meet each Monday to enjoy lunch together. Georgina, a local Enmore resident who provides lunch for the group, said she was surprised the deep sense of place this group has given all the women involved.

“My experience has been that women are able to share more deeply more quickly,” Georgina said.

“We all need each other. Homeless women need each other, they need to know that there is a place where they are needed and cared for and not judged.”

For safety concerns the location of this group cannot be shared but you can contact Georgina for more information at: 

My mother’s book club

You’re probably not interested in joining this book club but my point is there are hundreds throughout the Inner West. When I asked my mother what she enjoyed most about her group she said that she loved it because she had an excuse to drink red wine and gossip with her friends. But what I think she really meant to say was she enjoyed the intellectual stimulation and companionship- yes, let’s go with that.