School supports wildlife in fire crisis

Australian Bustard feeding around a bushfire, Carnarvon National Park, Queensland, Australia. Image, Fritz Geller-Grimm

Kids and teachers of Nicholson Street Public School, Balmain East, have created a fundraising day to do their bit for the current bushfire crisis.  Just like other local school kids, the children at Nicholson Street “Nicho” have been reminded of the surrounding fires on a daily basis with the smoky atmosphere stopping them from being outside in their play times and their recent swim scheme excursion having to be cancelled.

Being an inner city community, they have felt lucky that it is not their immediate surroundings that are under threat, but there has been much talk at school about how the fires are affecting regional fellow Australians, the environment and its inhabitants.  Nicho students have put the pressure on the teaching staff to do something to help….and so at the children’s request, the staff are created a fundraising day on the last Monday of term to raise awareness about what the fires are doing specifically to our Australian animal population, and raise money to give back to the fire affected communities to help those animals.

Thanks to the kids, the teaching staff, parents and local community businesses the school has raised $1230 for WIRES.  Well done!