Seniors Keyboard Joys

Local piano teacher, Rosie Bloom had a wonderful idea and made a wish come true. In need of some extra work because private music businesses had taken over local primary and high school music programs and as a side effect Rosie’s private students also diminished.
Music is Rosie’s love and her only income source. For years, the senior people in the local community, when meeting Rosie, had voiced “A WISH” that they would have loved to learn a musical instrument when they were younger…BUT…now they are old and live in apartments so there would be noise issues. They have a little money to spend on extras now their families have all grown up and they now have the time but there was nowhere to learn an instrument at this stage in life.
Rosie has now made their wish come true.
A grannies keyboard group was established last year with the help of the Leichhardt Bowling Club providing the venue. A small weekly fee is offered to Rosie by the participating grannies at a weekly rate that they can afford. Keyboards have been borrowed from friends attics or garages and played/practiced at a reduced volume or with headphones if need be.
This group of Grannies meet weekly for one hour, mastering the basics of music and continue to learn more at every session.
They have formed a fantastic bond with their love of music growing from being absolute adult beginner musicians to now being ‘better’ absolute beginner musicians.

Rosie Bloom is an inspiration.
Her fun approach and fascination for the way people of all ages learn is unique.
They meet every Monday afternoon from 3.30 to 4.30pm at the Leichhardt Bowling Club on Piper St.

If you or someone you know wants to know more or be a ‘better beginner musicians’ please call Rosie on 0414 541 543