Your year in the stars – 2019 Overview

An eight-year chapter ends this year. You begin 2019 with a strong sense of who you are and what you want from life. Begin that project or long-held dream now.

2019 will be full of surprises, thanks to unpredictable Uranus. Be prepared for an intense growth period where you break-out of your routine and explore new horizons.

Opportunities throughout the year are found in the areas of family, personal relationships and finance.

Cancerians will turn inwards for most of 2019 as the personal sectors of the Solar chart are activated by transit. This is the year for taking a step back to refocus.

Mars hits you with the need for intense self-improvement. Take time to develop your natural talents or learn new skills to aid you both personally and professionally.

Virgos will be ready for career-oriented action this year. Be prepared for professional challenges and go for it!

Librans will enjoy twelve months of networking and socialising. Fun-filled events and activities will widen your world and introduce you to a diverse range of people.

Scorpio, make your own evolution a priority in 2019. Self-development projects like yoga, meditation and therapy help unearth your authentic self.

Jupiter continues his cycle in your sign this year. You’ll be blessed with opportunities for expansion.

Three eclipses in Capricorn trigger the need to reorganise priorities for 2019. Saturn highlights responsibilities to yourself as well as to others.

Relationships will be the focus for the Water Bearer this year. Nurture a special bond and remain attentive to other people’s needs.

Jupiter promises a dazzling 2019, career-wise, for Pisces. Clear and confident communication with those in charge will be the secret to your success.


By Astrogirlzarro