Stars – 216


Get ready for one of your most potent love cycles this year. Romantic opportunities emerge around August 17th under the Venus transit.



Mercury supports you in your quest for home improvements between August  8th and 23rd. This is an ideal time to coordinate pending repairs or renovations.



Expect harmonious and enjoyable contacts with children and young people around August 17th.



Your professional life may get erratic around August 15th under the Uranus transit. Stay focused on long-term goals. Accept offers only if they align with your purpose.



Mercury inhabits your sign between August 9th and 23rd. This is your chance to communicate with style and authority. Be mindful not to come across as a know-it-all.



The Venus cycle improves your financial situation from August 16th. Others acknowledge your talent for investing in items of value and good taste.



Put any friendship dramas behind you under the Sun-Moon transit. You move forward by turning over a new leaf with your mates.



The Mars transit generates unrestrained energy this fortnight. Use this power productively by harnessing it into professional tasks and projects.



Your desire for freedom increases under the Jupiter-Uranus link. Liberate yourself from restrictive situations that don’t serve you.



Luxury travel becomes appealing under the Sun’s transit. Resort-style mini breaks have the power to revitalise your spirit.



The Full Moon on August 21st highlights the need to balance personal passions with responsibility to group connections. Focus on fairness in both personal and social dealings.



The transits that kick off this fortnight ask that you make romantic relationships a priority for the remainder of 2013. Scale back on work and social commitments to let love in.

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