Stars – 220

 Expect desires to run hot now that Mars inhabits your relationship zone. Watch the impulse to act first-think later, as this may prove a touch too much for some peeps.

Mercury is in the process of forming conjunctions with Saturn and the North Node. Face up to your responsibilities by communicating with your peers. Issues that need addressing require clear thinking and concrete solutions.

 The influence of Venus and the Sun generates passion and popularity this fortnight. This is a rare planetary combination, so be open to romantic possibilities.

 Mercury’s retrograde motion may cause periods of hesitation or lack of confidence for the sensitive Crab. When it comes to communication, less is more. Be economical with language.

Mars provides you with a lust for life in the first two weeks of October. Risk-taking pays off under this cycle, so go after what you want with relish.

Tune into the undercurrents of your professional life, but keep a healthy boundary between you and damaging work politics.

 Happy Birthday, Libra! Relationship renewal is possible with the New Moon in your sign. You look to a significant other who embodies peace, harmony and fairness.

 Focus on financial security and acquisitions after October 7th. This is an ideal time to review and improve how you manage your money.

 Sagittarians are experiencing a predisposition towards unexpected affairs, thanks to the Uranus transit. Expect this cycle to intensify after October 7th when Venus gets in on the act.

You’ll be motivated by the need for recognition and confirmation of your professional talents under the Sun’s transit.

 Mars stimulates relationships until October 15th. Watch the inclination to debate and disagree with others just to prove a point.

 Venus enters your career zone on October 7th. This is an ideal period for networking with those in positions of power and influence.

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