Stars – 235

Stars by Astrogirlzarro

You reach new levels of financial stability this fortnight, thanks to moneymaking Venus. Re-negotiate any contracts that you’re not happy with and read the fine print.

Many lucky Bulls have been struck by Cupid’s arrow recently. The Universe advises that you have inner work to attend to if you want to experience love deeply.

Mercury and Venus bring refinement and charm to your self-expression. Aim for equilibrium in your dealings with others.

Family politics need addressing directly and firmly on June 15th. Stand your ground and show them who’s boss.

Mercury performs the backward shuffle in your social sector from June 17th. Pause and review your network for connections that can enrich your life in supportive ways.

Professional progress stalls on June 17th. Use delays and setbacks to reconsider your career options.

Getting away from the daily grind is on your agenda this fortnight. Double check travel arrangements and details before departing for exotic destinations.

Dreamy Neptune has been instrumental in shaping your creativity lately, but he can also create confusion. Seek a second opinion to help you perceive a situation clearly.

The Full Moon on June 13th arouses your desire for adventure, while Mercury and Jupiter highlight domestic concerns. You’re torn between flying and nesting. Only you can make that choice.

You gain insight into a stuck situation. Tolerance is vital, as the Mercury retrograde motion reminds you that change can’t be forced.

Slow down your usual breakneck pace on June 17th to pay attention to young children or those in your care.

Exercise patience with family members. Put yourself in their shoes to see a certain issue from their perspective.

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