Stars – 239

Stars by Astrogirlzarro,

Aries – The Sun-Mercury-Venus link on August 2nd asks that you lose your inhibitions and have fun in a childlike way.

Taurus – There’ll be plenty of activity on the home front for the comfort loving Bull. Focus on entertaining others in your domestic space.

Gemini – With planets triggering your communication zone, you’ll have plenty to say plus some. If you have been silent about a particular issue, now is the time to vocalise your concerns.

Cancer – Anxieties around money should ease if you handle financial projects on August 2nd.

Leo – The Full Moon on August 10th indicates breaking free of romantic conventions. You are looking for excitement and colour where love is concerned, so take a risk or two this fortnight.

Virgo – You’re likely to approach a situation in a detached and meticulous way when Mercury moves into your sign on August 15th. You may be cool in a crisis but don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Libra – The act of giving may be a dying art form but not for fair-minded Libra. Generous acts of kindness will be noted in early August.

Scorpio – You’re well into a focused and productive cycle, thanks to Saturn and Mars. Be ruthless in weeding out what’s redundant to make way for new beginnings.

Sagittarius – Philosophy takes on importance under the Mercury-Venus connection. Widen your horizons by exploring higher forms of learning.

Capricorn – Embrace a busy social calendar before you retreat from the world. Make the effort to network and be involved in community causes.

Aquarius – In a rut? The Full Moon on August 10th gives you the power to change routine and break destructive habits.

Pisces – You’ll get over the finishing line with an intellectual pursuit that you’ve previous thought to be intimidating. Learn and move on from this experience by August 15th.

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