Stars – 254


Mercury joins Uranus in your sign on April 1st. You may change your attitude or perspective regarding a major issue between April 6th and 9th. Avoid the tendency to be blunt with less robust souls.


Projects are best attempted independently once Mars enters Taurus on April 1st. Compliancy issues are intensified this fortnight, so achieve as much as possible individually.


You may look like the Joker in the pack if you haven’t researched or rehearsed your subject area. Preparation is the key to success.


The Taurus-Mars combo demands calm and steady action on your part in social and community endeavors.


Jupiter moves direct in your sign on April 7th. Moving forward with a particular venture proves effortless in the second week of April.


Take the time to delve beneath the surface of a significant other to understand their motives and thought processes.


The Libra Lunar Eclipse aligns with the North Node on April 4th. Your destiny awaits you. Take steps to initiate a buried passion and see where it takes you.


You’ll be feeling sexy when Mars joins Venus in your relationship zone this fortnight. Work your sensual magic on that special someone for favorable outcomes.


Sensible Saturn curbs your desire to break with convention by compelling you to deal with shelved responsibilities.


The Stars look promising for sorting intricate money matters. Explore systems that will improve a specific financial situation around April 2nd.


The Lunar Eclipse of April 4th plunges you into the spotlight. This is an ideal time to revamp your resume or upgrade your skillset.


Discussing money management strategies with a professional around April 9th will prove fruitful in the long run.