Stars – 253


Venus moves into your money zone on March 17th. The saying ‘do what you love, the money will follow’ will apply to Rams keen to make personal hobbies their profession.


Allow creative inspiration to guide you in resolving a pressing issue around March 18th. Wrapping up loose ends by March 20th clears the way for new ventures to enter your sphere.


The Twins will find escapism a tempting possibility this fortnight. Immerse yourself in a stimulating movie or compelling book. It will do wonders for your stress levels.


You may feel that progress is delayed when Saturn retrogrades on March 14th. Tread water with a particular matter until March 16th when the Uranus-Pluto link re-ignites your affairs with force.


Expect romantic bonds to strengthen between March 18th and 24th. Making travel plans together around March 25th will pay off down the track.


A domestic dispute requires your attention around March 14th. Talking out grievances with family members will produce beneficial outcomes.


Possible travel and postal delays will be an issue between 14th and 16th March. Check transport arrangements before embarking on major trips.


Saturn retrogrades back into your sign on March 14th, causing frustration and deferral on some level. Roll with it until March 20th when you are free to move forward under the New Moon.


While you may be charging ahead with your projects, taking a step back and retreating from the grind will prove valuable around March 14th.


Your domestic space will become a haven for entertaining and nurturing others. Time spent with family and close friends will be the highlight after March 20th.


Money matters may become confusing and convoluted. Read the fine print carefully before signing contracts or agreements.


The New Moon on March 20th compels you to trust your intuition. Messages received through dreams and meditation are the key to resolving set-backs.