Stars – 277

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

A supportive link between Jupiter and Pluto between March 11th and 18th brings transformation on a professional level. This is an ideal time for tying up loose ends at work.

Mars in Sagittarius dictates where to focus your attention, money wise, from March 6th. Setting big picture goals brings financial rewards.

The dreamy influence of Neptune combined with the eclipse on March 9th reminds you to hold your dreams lightly. Incorporating a fluid approach to ambition ensures that you’re not disappointed.

This fortnight will have a ‘trial and error’ feel to it as you experiment with different ways to structure your routine. The Solar Eclipse on March 9th prompts you to trust your gut.

A breakthrough in your financial situation is likely around March 11th. Opportunities arise for you to master greater control of your money, so take advantage of them.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 9th highlights beginnings and endings in romance. Be honest about what isn’t working in your relationship and make a fresh start.

The Mars-Saturn link from March 6th is likely to trigger ideas for adventure that you may pursue later in the year. Revisit and revive redundant travel plans.

You’ll enjoy exhilarating moments with that special someone around March 11th. Be prepared for warm romantic experiences.

Mars enters your sign on March 6th, giving you energy in large doses. Taking on extra projects proves successful under this transit.

Intrepid travel is likely to appeal to you between March 11th and 18th. This is one of your most adventurous phases all year.

Mars in Sagittarius clarifies who you need to cull from your social network. Be upfront with a friend who hasn’t been completely honest.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on March 9th brings a new start to the dreams you’ve been harbouring. End an outdated situation before moving forward.