Stars – 278

Your real stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

The Full Moon lunar eclipse on March 24th highlights the importance of teamwork. Look at ways to reach a compromise on a particular situation over the next twelve months.

The Sun, Mercury, and Venus join Uranus in your house of retreat from March 21st. Aim for a manageable schedule you’re likely to stick to.

Mars will boost your love zone up to March 24th, so be prepared! Stable Saturn provides the maturity to make difficult choices concerning close relationships.

Focus on your professional sphere from March 21st. A string of planets helps you move forward with
a specific plan or project.

Use the activating power of Mars to ignite your creativity. Get motivated about joining that art class or crafts workshop.

Decisions regarding your family or home surface when Mars and Saturn connect this fortnight. Act upon domestic issues that need urgent attention.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse on March 24th compels you to focus on win-win tactics to get around a certain sticky situation.

The Universe demands that you do more of what you love, rather than go through the motions for the sake of survival. Get in touch with the lost authentic parts of yourself around March 21st.

Sagittarians can expect delays with projects, schedules or events under Saturn’s retrograde motion on March 24th. Address these stalled plans later in the year.

Sudden changes in your domestic sphere are likely under the current Uranus transit. Confront home truths honestly.

The usually brilliant Aquarian may have sudden flashes of genius around March 31st under the Mercury-Uranus link. Find concrete ways to express your insights to a relevant audience.

Your professional path may slow under Saturn’s retrograde motion from March 24th. Relax; the Universe is providing you with a glimpse of an exciting new career chapter.