Stars – 279

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

Life accelerates for the already fast-paced Ram under the New Moon-Uranus connection on April 7th. Unexpected change can shift your mindset for the better.

You’ll be compelled to undertake inner work once Mercury enters your sign on April 5th. Talking things through with a trusted friend or counsellor helps you make sense of a particular situation.

The support of loved ones can bolster your confidence in making courageous choices about a certain issue around April 10th.

Altering a negative work situation on April 10th can work in your favour. Be brave and say ‘no’ assertively.

In a professional rut? Expanding your skill set from April 5th can lead to a promotion, pay rise or fulfilling work later in the year.

The domestic issues concerning Virgos in previous weeks are still the point of focus this fortnight. The Universe asks that you act on pressing family issues immediately.

Venus enters your love zone on April 5th. Your generosity towards the object of your desire pays off over the next few weeks.

Communication is key for the usually silent-but-deadly Scorpion. Robust conversation is essential for enhancing your romantic relationships.

Outlandish Uranus reminds you not to take life too seriously. Infusing your regular routine with fun and colour around April 10th will renew your spirit.

Capricorns are compelled to add a twist to tradition around April 10th to liven up stale family rituals.

Tech-savvy Aquarians need to upgrade their technology for personal or professional use under the Mercury transit from April 5th. Staying connected leads to successful networking.

You’ll be in a shopping frenzy from April 5th, thanks to Mercury’s impulsive influence. Indulge in a few well-deserved quality items, but be mindful to set boundaries around spending.