Stars – 280

Your real stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

The Mercury-Mars retrograde motion asks that you pause to read the fine print before signing or approving financial documents. Make adjustments where necessary from April 16th.

Mercury’s backward shuffle in your sign compels you to have that awkward but critical conversation with loved ones. Listen to what others have to say about a particular issue.

With ruling planet Mercury retrograde from April 24th in grounding Taurus, modify the ‘physical’ to better suit your needs: your money, your possessions, even your body. This is not the time to play the lofty intellectual.

Social plans may stall after April 24th. A misunderstanding with a friend takes some explaining on your part, but be patient with the process.

The end of April is an ideal time for Leos to tie up unfinished business on a professional level.

This fortnight, aim to break away from routine and let your mind wander. Any kind of change will elevate your spirits.

Express yourself creatively around April 22nd with the help of your ruling planet Venus. Dancing, painting, or appreciating music will de-stress an overworked mind and body.

The Full Moon in your sign on April 22nd means that feelings run deeper than usual. The Mars-Saturn-Mercury link compels you to pause and see what emerges from a stuck situation.

Sagittarians need to resolve the details of a particular project without delving into the facts once Mars turns retrograde on April 16th.

From April 27th, Capricorns may experience a few random moments with creative ventures. Have patience; the ideas will come.

Free-spirited Aquarians need to make major domestic decisions before April 27th if they are to avoid feeling hemmed in by home and family.

An exciting professional possibility that you have been toying with could pay dividends after April 22nd.