Stars – 294

Your stars of the week by Astrogirlzarro

You’ll stand out in the crowd on October 29th with the help of the Mars-Uranus link. Be mindful of stubbornness, which can impede your progress with a particular issue.

Be prepared to have meaningful exchanges with someone special under the New Moon on October 31st. This is the ideal time to put your feelings into words.

Push ahead into unfamiliar territory from November 9th. Mars helps you take a calculated risk, leading to favourable outcomes.

Making difficult but necessary changes at work after October 29th will alleviate you from an unsatisfactory professional bind.

Health and wellbeing take priority until November 9th. Seeking advice for a niggling medical issue will put your mind at ease.

Virgos will choose pleasure over ambition this fortnight under the Mars-Pluto link. Infuse your activities with passion for a memorable experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be popular or influential around October 31st. Getting your message out into the world will prove successful under this transit.

The New Moon on October 31st highlights life’s big questions. Examine your place in the Universe and review your goals and values.

Venus and Saturn in your sign display a balance between adventure and commitment. Patience and hard work are rewarded with beauty and luxury.

Unconventional but authentic decisions concerning your family or domestic space made around October 29th pay off over the next few months.

Mars enters your sign on November 9th adding a turbo boost to any personal or professional ventures you are currently undertaking.

Seeking advice from a respected work colleague on November 5th proves instrumental in your immediate career development.